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Diary of My Death, Post #12

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“Stop the car! Let me out!” That’s what I told Mike and Anne on the way home from the hospital where I had just received my latest chemo treatment. I added to Anne, “Make him stop talking! Keep him away from me!”

You see, Mike had just informed me that maybe I should minimize my consumption of cookies in particular and sweets in general, perhaps even reduce my sugar consumption to zero. Him speak with forked tongue and wild eyes! A strange spirit shares his breath!

Ya, I’m joking, of course. As strong as my “sweet tooth” is, I’ve long had it mostly under control. With no change in heart rate or blood pressure I can walk right past cookies and candy in the grocery store; and with no damage or even debit to my self-discipline I can buy cookies, bring them home, and leave the package in plain sight unopened for weeks or even months. But once I open the package . . . even a Big Bubba’s Family-Size Expedition package . . . pfffftt! Like fresh air in a fart factory . . . ain’t nothing but a fond memory.

Anyways, Mike, being the helpful, nice guy he is, sent me a link to this very interesting TED talk. Hmm . . . . Can we eat to starve cancer?

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  1. Jeffrey Smith said:

    Here’s a site with reliable nutrition information: https://nutritionfacts.org.


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