With my hand on the wheel and my brain in neutral . . .


My Driving Thoughts is a collection of the kind of thoughts that bubble up out through my mind while my brain is running but in neutral, like when I’m driving down an empty road.  Some are silly and are to be enjoyed and then forgotten; some are serious and stay with me, percolating up again and again, and become the kind of thoughts that drive me.  I write them down because . . . well, that’s just what I do.

I’ve written the book (and associated website) Napism.Info for people who take their naps religiously; I’ve contributed to the websites OurRoleModels.com and InsteadofCollege.Info; I’ve posted a bunch of stuff on Hubpages.com (username is Windclimber); and I have a blog for the sailboat I rebuilt and now call my home (svKalaNag.com.)  I have several writing projects in the works, so if you enjoy my writing, c’mon back!  (Or better yet, subscribe!)

Thanks for stopping by . . .

Mik Hetu

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