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Helen Spring and the IBB

The Indie Book Boosters Club has a number of pretty good writers, but my favorite among them so far is Helen Spring.   I don’t believe she’ll take exception if I say that although her writing is not absolutely perfect or awe-inspiringly beautiful, it is certainly impressive!   When you read her books, you will wonder why she isn’t already more famous. You will think of other, more widely-known authors you’ve picked up and put down, and you will wonder why aren’t her books already overflowing out of airport kiosks?

From my review of her Strands of Gold:

I found myself reading it way past my bedtime and then going right back to it with my morning coffee.   Pretty quickly I realized that the author is a true storyteller: she pulls you in and makes you want to discover what happens next. It is apparent that she spent a lot of time imagining the characters and details of the story, impressive in its thoroughness, exactly enough to make it all feel quite real.

Repeatedly I thought of how, as a young reader many years ago, I would be absorbed into a novel and transported to a new world. On the surface this story is about a proper English woman in Singapore and Australia circa 1900, but the undercurrent is about timeless, universal ideas of integrity, loyalty, perspectives of truth, and more.   There’s a love story in here, too, and it’s more than just a popcorn romance tale: I’m recommending this book to my niece for the examples of strong-hearted women and what really matters in love.

It is apparent that the author is comfortable with her craft and her self-image as a novelist: the writing is not at all self-conscious or clumsy. Her use of dialogue is better than average, her plot and sub-plots are well-executed, and her characters are portrayed with all the complexities of real people. To top it off, because her heroes are such likeable people, she – the author who created them – is quite likeable, too.

Strands of Gold by Helen Spring

From my review of her The Chainmakers:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Helen Spring is a true storyteller!

99 percent of this book flows through your eyes and into your mind as easily and comfortably as the thoughts of a daydream. The author writes with enough skill that 99 percent of the time you read and believe the fiction as fact, like you’re the proverbial fly on the wall absorbing it all.

Her characters are distinct, complex, and layered with maturity as the story progresses. She has villains with redeeming graces and heroes with faults, and she portrays both in wholly believable fashion. She made me care about what happened to the characters not simply out of curiosity but because I LIKED them as if they were real people, my friends or acquaintances in real life. That’s a neat trick, and it is books like this one that fuel a reader’s desire to search out another good book. This is why I’ve been telling friends who like to read to give this author a try whether or not her books are in their favorite genre.

The Chainmakers by Helen Spring

So why am I posting this on my blog? Because that’s what we in the Indie Book Boosters Club do: we help other indie authors we respect and admire. Why?   Because as Sophocles said, “If we always helped one another, no one would need luck.”

Note: If you like her books, and especially if you agree that she deserves big success as an author, please go to Amazon (or Amazon.co.uk, or whichever branch you use) to post a review for her. Thank you!

PS – If you like a good read, or if you have friends who like a good read, please tell them about Helen Spring.  If you’re a fellow blogger here on WordPress, please repost this!  If you like the indie spirit, or if you’re an indie writer yourself, please repost this!  Woo-hoo!


My Latest Public Project: The Indie Book Boosters Club

“Writing a book is the easy part: marketing is what’s hard!”  Yes, that’s been said many times and many ways – because it’s true!

Imagine an author shouting out for attention and holding his book high over his head, slowly waving it back and forth, as the camera zooms back, above the street, above the buildings, above the city, above the country and continent, above the planet with what, 7 BILLION people on it . . . and ALL 7 BILLION people can magically hear his hoarse voice!  And a significant percentage of them interrupt what they’re doing to buy a copy of the book!  Uhm, I did say imagine, right?

I’ve come up with a rather sensible alternative: The Indie Book Boosters Club (website = www.IndieBookBoosters.CLUB.)  It’s based on a few simple ideas:

  1. Compare the number of books an author writes and the number of books he reads and casually recommends to his circle of friends.  Surely most everyone who knows him is aware of his book(s), but there is no way they could be aware of all the new books he finds, reads, and likes.
  2. It’s much easier to sell someone else’s new book than your own (“Buy me!  Buy me!” just doesn’t sit with people nearly as well as “Hey, this other writer’s book is pretty good!  Read it!  Give him a chance while the book is at a low introductory price!”)
  3. Sometimes the best way to help yourself is by helping someone else firstA rising tide lifts all boats!

The key and crucial component will be an active membership of authors.  I don’t know how long it will take to gather a critical mass, but I’m off to a nice start: I’ve found a few in the first 24 hours of my Indiegogo campaign!  I’ll let you all know how it develops.

Like the stars of the galaxy . . .

Like the stars of the galaxy . . .

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