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The Details in Dreams

This morning I woke up with a dream, which is not remarkable in itself, except the dream had incredible detail. What the human brain can create when it’s “running on automatic” repeatedly amazes me.

Okay, short dream, short description, I promise. The storyline was one middle-aged woman in serious clothes at a table in the middle of a floor, facing a row of about eight elderly women sitting behind a long and raised desk, like judges. The solitary woman explained something about what she wrote down, gesturing in the air her handwriting. All of the elderly woman, who up till then had looked rather stern and severe, immediately playfully imitated her handwriting in the air, giggling and laughing so hard at themselves that they were sliding down in their chairs and their heads were falling on each other’s shoulders. The feeling of their laughter wasn’t mean or condescending or anything negative: it felt fun, like a bunch of old women temporarily acting like little girls.

Now, the detail. The elderly women behind the raised desk were highly individuated and displayed on the movie screen of my mind in perfectly-focused photographic clarity. The shadings of wisps of hair, the line between lenses in their bifocals, the pattern of wrinkles near their eyes, their exposed teeth as they laughed, the light in their wet eyes, the various voices and kinds of laughter, the jewelry only some wore around their necks, the textures of their clothing, etc., etc.

What the psychoanalytical meaning of the dream is I don’t know and I don’t care: it felt fun and good and that’s enough for me. The analytical mystery that won’t let me forget the little dream is why and to a lesser extent how the human brain creates such dreams in such detail.

It’s been said many times and in many ways, and this very brief, non-dramatic episode in my life prompts me to say it again: there may be billions of us, but each one of us is an amazing, mysterious, wonderful creature.


2014, Mik Hetu, author of Napism.Info (for people who take their naps “religiously”)

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