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Heroes and Heroines

Here’s another piece of powerful poetry from an author I can not name:

We are heroes and heroines,

grappling Good and Evil,

Loss and Gain,

Pleasure and Pain,

Hope and Despair,

Compassion and Apathy,

Generosity and Greed,

Perseverance and Laziness,

Love and Hatred:

the classic universal forces

which naturally oppose each other

in each of us

and in the universe as a whole.

We are all Heroes and Heroines

Like a bird on the wing

Like a bird on the wing,

or a tree in a storm,

from the very first moment,

at the moment we’re born,

till the very last day,

when the curtains are drawn,

we are children.

I don’t know who wrote this.  It’s one of those little gems that is instantly memorable and will remain in your head for decades, surfacing from time to time.  (Ask me how I know this . . . )

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