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Why me, oh God?

Light air jib 3

The other day I went sailing on Chesapeake Bay with my friend John on his boat.  We were having a great sail, a great day, and then it all fell apart.  We snapped a whisker pole, which tore a sail.  Then the perfect wind died suddenly and completely, like some cosmic wind generator had just been turned off by a toggle switch.  Then, very soon after we started motoring in, the diesel overheated.  In frustration, half-serious and half-joking, John yelled up at the sky, “WHY ALL OF THIS?  WHY ME, GOD?!  I’VE BEEN A GOOD BOY!”

The nearest boat was about a mile away, so we were quite surprised when we very clearly heard a strong voice.  It seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere, but mostly from somewhere up in the sky.  It was God.  “I don’t know, John.  It’s just that something about you really pisses me off.”

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